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IMG_7998Paul Milazzo grew up on Long Island, and left for the Marine Corps after 1 semester of college in Farmingdale University, feeling a desire to do something more important with his life. He was stationed on Camp LeJeune with 2nd Battalion 8th Marines during his enlistment, deploying in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His MOS was 0311 (infantry). After his 4 years of honorable service, he traveled around the world to find his calling.  He started working at a facility for people with Traumatic brain injuries, knowing he wanted to do more and educate himself he decided to go back to College at St.Josephs where he completed his bachelor in arts and science in recreational therapy with a minor in psychology. Paul’s greatest achievement is marrying the women of his dreams and being able to find happiness in fatherhood with his son.  He enjoys running and loves competition.  He has found the ability to get lost and find peace while out running the trails of long island.  He believes in team, unity and helping others. Paul is the CEO of Airborne Tri Team.

Never give up

We are one Team and one Tri. We are AIRBORNE TRI TEAM!